Rewards Program


How Do EverJugs Points Work? 

To get EverJugs points, all you have to do is sign up, shop with us, and share about us on social media. Every time you complete a task, you'll earn points that you can use to get discounts and rewards. 


EverJugs Reward Points

You can exchange your Iron Points for money to use on your next Iron Flask purchase, just like exchanging tickets for prizes at a carnival. The more points you have, the more money you can get back. You can start getting benefits with as few as 500 points, which is equal to $5, and you can get up to $250 back for 25,000 points.

Join the EverJugs Club 

Join our EverJugs rewards program and get access to exclusive discounts, early access to special events and sales, and personalized experiences tailored to your interests. Plus, earn points on every purchase that can be redeemed for even more perks and offers. As a member of our rewards program, you'll be part of a special community of loyal customers who are rewarded for their support. Don't miss out on these exclusive benefits – join today!